widexWidex is a Danish company, founded in 1956, with manufacturing headquarters based in Copenhagen. They also have other branches around the world including Melbourne, where they manufacture custom made hearing aids and ear moulds for the Australian market. Widex introduced the world’s first fully digital “in the ear” hearing aid many years ago and now they have developed their own revolutionary “wireless” technology.

Widex Sound | Widex offer a different sound to other hearing aid manufacturers, this sound offers a more broad-band approach enabling as most natural sound as possible to obtain out of a hearing aid. Widex mainly concentrate on not only hearing speech or loud sounds, but also to achieve these sounds clearly.

Widex offer three main levels of Hearing Aids and they are outlined below:-


New exciting Widex product family - Coming soon.....


Dream Hearing Aids offer the following features:-

  • Comfort for sudden impact sounds
  • Natural speech focus from in front and behind
  • Speech enhancement for dominant voice source
  • Feedback cancellation
  • Identification when connection is lost
  • Excellent performance for phone use, music appreciation and television
  • Up to 5 user programs available


Super Hearing Aids offer the following features:-

  • Adequate power for loudness
  • Speech understanding
  • Feedback cancellation
  • Extended battery life
  • Designed for daily usage
  • Robust & appealing design
  • Compatible with FM devices for classroom situations
  • Two receivers to choose from and a varied of different size ear-tips and earmould options


Menu Hearing Aids offer the following features:-

  • Great sound for easy listening
  • State of the art technology for an affordable price
  • Feedback cancellation
  • Multiple listening programs
  • Optional Tinnitus program


Widex offer a variety of platforms which our outlined below:-

  • True ISP
  • ISP
  • Dual ISP
  • C-ISP
  • Flex


Widex also offer the following:-

  • Zen Technology for Tinnitus Relief
  • Binaural Hearing
  • Audibility Extender
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