SoundLens Hearing Aids

At HASSA, our aim isn't just to improve your hearing health but restore the self-esteem and confidence you may loose with hearing impairment.

Therefore, we can provide you with a comprehensive selection of hearing aids that suits a variety of styles and needs.

While hearing aids are certainly changing the lives of the hard of hearing for the better, many people, especially first-timers, still hesitate to use a hearing device because of their size and cosmetic appearance.

HASSA completely eliminates the fear and anxiety with hearing aids by including a variety of small, invisible style hearing aids.

SoundLens by Starkey is one of the most advanced and efficient hearing aids among the completely-in-canal (CIC) and invisible-in-canal range offered by HASSA. With comfort and style engineered into a small device, SoundLens takes personalised hearing to the next level. The tiny invisible device is custom fit to suit the unique canal shape and specific hearing needs of the wearer, which brings hearing natural and easy to the wearer.

At HASSA, our clinician's perform a hearing evaluation to see if Soundlens is the right solution for you. If you are a candidate for this style of device, our clinician's will take the impressions of your ear canal to obtain the exact shape and design a perfect fit.

Lastly, you're provided with a unique SoundLens solution that sits comfortably deep into your ear and helps you with natural hearing.

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