oticonOticon is a Danish hearing aid company and their Australian branch is based in Sydney. Oticon products are sold through sales offices in 23 countries and some 80 independent distributors worldwide. People in more than 100 countries around the world are enjoying better hearing with Oticon solutions. Oticon are one of the largest hearing aid companies in the world and they provide some of the very best hearing aid technology.

Oticon Hearing Aids offer the following programs and features:-

  • BrainHearing
  • Speech Guard E
  • Spatial Sound
  • Free Focus
  • YouMatic

Hearing aids that open your world a little wider

People start learning to communicate the moment they are born. Without hearing, we are cut off socially from our family, friends or colleagues. Those of suffering the effects of hearing loss may at some point come to require hearing aids. People suffering from hearing loss can once again enjoy life to the fullest with the assistance of industry leading technology, Oticon hearing aids.

Hearing aids designed to tackle your hearing loss head-on

Choosing the right hearing aid involves finding a trustworthy provider who can offer a product that fits your specific of hearing loss requirements, your budget and your lifestyle. Oticon hearing aids provide a product that fits a patient’s ear canal size, dexterity and daily life needs. The right hearing aid selection will make the difference between a bad outcome and a successful experience. Rest assured that your hearing is in reliable hands with Oticon hearing aids.

Comparing hearing aid brands and models can be very challenging. Hearing aids vary depending on style and hearing impairment requirements. However, they can be custom programmed for each patient to meet his or her needs. It’s vital to have realistic expectations from your hearing aid. Oticon hearing aids such as the OPN range, allow you to wirelessly link with your smart phone, to take calls, adjust your aids settings through an app installed on your phone, and stream audio.

Oticon hearing aids models such as invisible-in-the-canal and completely-in-the-canal allow the wearer piece of mind with the most discreet devices possible.

Tuning in to Popular hearing aid for

  • Wireless technology
  • Telecoil (Phone Connectivity)
  • Directional Microphone
  • Data logging
  • Multi memory settings
  • Bands and channels
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