Discreet Hearing Aids

At Hearing Aid Specialists SA, We understand that you may not want to be seen wearing hearing aids especially if you are purchasing hearing aids for the first time. With this understanding, we can offer you very small hearing aids, which are unlikely to be seen by others around you. These devices fit inside the ear canal completely and that's what makes them so discreet.

By choosing these devices, you:

  • Get a comfortable option as the hearing aids can be custom-made to the shape of your ear canals. Impressions of the ear canals are taken to obtain the exact shape.
  • Have a more natural experience when it comes to hearing as the microphone is situated in the ear canal.

These invisible hearing aids are called "CIC" (completely in canal) and "IIC" (invisible in the canal). There can be some restrictions with these small aids, depending on the size and shape of your ear canals. For people with average and large size ear canals, there is generally no problem in making these aids, but some people have very small or narrow ear canals and there may not be enough room to fit the electronic components. Make an appointment to have an assessment and see if these incredibly small hearing aids are suitable for you.

Hearing aid manufacturers have the ability these days to create smaller and smaller hearing aids, to the point they are practically invisible. These 'invisible' hearing aids are placed very deep down into the ear canal, practically invisible to the naked eye. Not only does this style of hearing aid look very appealing to many, it also has additional hearing benefits. Due to the deep insertion style of the device, it allows benefits from the natural shape of the ear to continue and assist with better localisation. This style of hearing aid is usually suitable for mid to moderately severe hearing losses, however each unique situation is dependent on a variety of factors, with the degree of hearing loss only being one of many that must be considered before going ahead with a fitting of an 'invisible' style device.

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