At the first appointment we generally discuss any communication difficulties that you may have. After that we do a hearing assessment and plot the results on a graph which is called an "audiogram". The results are explained to you in a simple way which is easy to understand.

If a hearing loss Is evident, further testing may be required. Some hearing losses require medical investigation and you may need to see your General Practitioner for a referral to an Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist.

Most hearing losses can be helped with hearing aids and you can have a free trial of hearing aids for 30 days. We allow you to take the hearing aids home and try them out in all types of situations. There are many different styles and models of hearing aids from manufacturers all over the world and these will be demonstrated on the day of the assessment.

If you decide to have a free trial of hearing aids, we may need to take impressions of your ears depending on the type and style of aids chosen. The impressions are then sent to the hearing aid manufacturer to make ear moulds and an appointment is then made for approximately 2 weeks for the supply and fitting of the hearing aids.

At the hearing aid "fitting" we program the new aids with a computer to suit your individual hearing loss. We then provide instruction on the use of the hearing aids and discuss a rehabilitation program with you to assist with the "break in" period.

Most people have a few teething problems initially and we like to see you approximately 2 weeks after the fitting appointment to monitor your progress and make any adjustments as required. A further appointment is made for 2 weeks time to finalise the trial.

In some circumstances, we will extend the trial period if necessary. At the end of the trial, you may wish to go ahead and purchase the hearing aids if you are satisfied with the results. Alternatively, if you find the hearing aids are of no benefit, you may return them at no cost. A three year warranty Is provided if you decide to keep the hearing aids.

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