For hearing aid users, spending even a day without their device can be quite challenging. Though modern hearing aids are equipped with advanced technology and features to improve hearing for the hearing impaired to a great extent, to have your device performing optimally, it is necessary to maintain them properly.

Hearing Aid Specialists S.A provides services and repairs to all popular brands of hearing aids. At HASSA, we have the right team and tools in-house to diagnose different types of hearing aids and organise hearing aid repairs if required.

All our hearing aids come with manufacturer’s warranty which is usually 3 years from the date of purchase. If your hearing aid is under warranty, we will organise any repairs to your device. In case your warranty has expired, we will still try to repair your hearing aid which will be charged with a small fee.

Moreover, even if you aren’t one of our customers or patients, we are happy to assist you with your hearing aid repairs.

Whether you have purchased hearing aids from us or any other supplier, if you would like them checked, serviced or repaired, you can make an appointment to see our practitioners. Our expert’s clinicians will assess your hearing aids for any possible issues and check if they can be fixed in-house. In cases where we are unable to repair your device, we will send it to the appropriate manufacturer and have it repaired for you.

Get in touch to get your hearing aids working again and have a seamless hearing experience.

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