Our hearing assessment consists of "air conduction", "bone conduction" and speech discrimination tests. This will also include a report to your general practitioner.

Hearing loss generally occurs gradually as we grow older. Age-related hearing loss is common, and early detection and intervention is important when treating hearing loss.

At Hearing Aid Specialists SA, you can have your hearing checked for free. Our professional Audiologists and Audiometrists perform a screening test to assess your current hearing health. If the results of free screening indicate that your hearing is impaired, you can proceed with a full consultation and dissuasion as required.

Our comprehensive hearing assessment involves:

Evaluating general hearing health

Our Audiologists and Audiometrists will ask you questions about your lifestyle, general health and hearing history, to understand your concerns and any issues you and those around you may be experiencing with your hearing on a day to day basis.

Examining the ears thoroughly

Once we gain an understanding of your hearing history, health and lifestyle goals, the next step is an examination of your ears to check for wax, infection or any other obstruction that may be affecting your ability to hear clearly.

Performing audiometry assessment

The final clinical test is performed to measure your hearing threshold levels, which will helps us to assess the full degree and type of your hearing loss you may be experiencing.

Our qualified clinicians will discusses the results of your full hearing assessment with you and suggests the most suitable assistive devices and solutions based on the outcomes of your hearing assessment and lifestyle goals.

Since there are countless options for hearing aids in the market, each with their unique features and technologies, the decision to choose the best for your lifestyle needs can be an overwhelming one. Keeping your hearing loss, budget and preferences in mind, we can tailor a solution that will suit all your hearing requirements and needs.

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