Some of the leading hearing aid manufacturers are listed below:

Don’t Let Your Hearing Loss Hold You Back

Hearing loss, be it mild or profound, can affect an individual’s self-esteem, ability to express and communicate. If untreated, hearing loss can leave a negative impact on a person’s emotional well-being as well as personal and professional relationships.

At Hearing Aid Specialists SA, we don’t want our patients missing out on a single moment of doing what they love. We make this possible by providing our patients with the latest in hearing aid technology and design, at a cost that everyone can afford.

Constant advances in hearing technology has transformed hearing devices dramatically in recent years. Bulky, unsightly and uncomfortable hearing aids are a thing of the past. Modern hearing aids can be tiny and are very comfortable to wear.

Trusted Hearing Aid Providers

With over 30 years’ experience in supplying both clinical rehabilitation and hearing aids online, HEARING AID SPECIALISTS S.A. (Originally O.P.S.M. Hearing) has developed a reputation for providing their patients with the best in technology and industry.

Being one of the most trusted hearing aid providers in Adelaide, we make sure our patients get the most suitable solution for their hearing condition. That is why we carry the finest range of cheap hearing aids from renowned brands.

Moreover, you can rest assured that our company is "independent" and locally owned family business. This means we are one of the few hearing services providers not owned by a hearing aid manufacturer. Being independent gives us the freedom to purchase hearing aids from any of the world's leading manufacturers and supply then at a lower cost, to help our patients improve their hearing and lifestyle.

If you’re looking around for optimum device for your hearing impairment or loss, visit HASSA. From a reliable hearing assessment to discount hearing aids, we offer what’s necessary and best for your hearing.

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