Hearing Aid Batteries

At Hearing Aid Specialists SA, we not only offer different types of hearing aids to help you hear better, but also provide you with most of the common hearing aid batteries (such as zinc - air batteries & rechargeable batteries). We purchase our hearing aid batteries from reputable suppliers so that we can supply good quality batteries to you. There are normally 6 batteries in each packet. The general retail price for hearing aid batteries is around $8.00 per packet. (6 batteries in each packet). If you buy in bulk (10 packets), we can discount them to $65.00, instead of the usual $80.00. Postage to anywhere in Australia is an extra charge. If you wish to purchase batteries please call us on 08 8267 2555 and have your Visa or MasterCard ready.


Size 10Yellow

Size 312Brown

Size 13Orange

Size 675Blue

Battery Life:

The battery life can vary considerably. Generally, the smaller the battery, the less life it will provide. Smaller batteries have a life of approx. 1 week to 2 weeks, and larger batteries can last approx. 2 to 4 weeks, depending upon how many hours a day they are used. Some of the latest hearing aids with wireless technology and other features can have a higher drain on batteries.

Hearing aid Batteries have a shelf life of approx. 2 years. The expiry dates are usually printed on the battery packaging.

Each Zinc air battery has a speaker attached to it. When you pull the sticker off, air flows into small holes on the face of the battery (positive side) and starts the activation within the battery. When you pull the sticker off, it is best to wait a couple of minutes before placing the battery in the hearing aid. This gives it time to activate properly, and will ensure that you get maximum life from the battery.

Always make sure to turn off the hearing aids when not in use. This will also prolong the battery life.

Storage Hearing aid batteries are best kept in a cool, Dry environment and out of the direct sunlight

Each hearing aid runs off a specific size of battery, if the wrong size battery is inserted into the hearing aid the hearing aid will either not function or the battery will not fit into the battery compartment.

Most batteries are Zinc air batteries and need 'air' activation for the battery to commence discharging. Each battery has a small sticker on the back (usually the colour specific to the size of the battery), and until such time as this sticker is removed from the back of the battery, the battery will not activate. It is a good suggestion to not remove the sticker from the back of the battery until such time as you are ready to use the battery, otherwise it may be flat without even being used if the sticker is removed prematurely.

Hearing aid batteries MUST be kept away from small children at all times, if a hearing aid battery is swallowed emergency medical attention is required as a matter of urgency.

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