Hearing Aid Specialists SA are accredited by the Office of Hearing Services to provide free hearing aids to pensioners and veterans. Alternatively,you may choose to pay a contribution yourself (Top Up) in order to be supplied with hearing aids that have additional features.

Our company will provide a "no obligation" free trial of hearing aids for 30 days. If you are not completely satisfied with the hearing aids, they can be returned at no cost.



At the first appointment we generally discuss any communication difficulties that you may have. After that we do a hearing assessment and plot the results on a graph which is called an "audiogram". The results are explained to you in a simple way which is easy to understand.

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Our company can provide a free "screening" hearing test for adults. This quick hearing test will indicate whether you have a hearing loss or normal hearing. If a hearing loss is evident, a full assessment may be recommended.

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If you have purchased hearing aids from another company and you would like them checked, serviced or repaired, please make an appointment to see our practitioner. He can assess your hearing aids and check to see if they are working correctly.

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A full hearing assessment for adults can be provided at a cost of $80.00. The assessment consists of "air conduction", "bone conduction" and speech discrimination tests. This will also include a report to your general practitioner.

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