Personalized Hearing Buds with NL@ Calibration

Ear ID is an intelligent audiometric system that learns how you hear and automatically adjusts the IQbuds BOOST to your hearing profile.

Every ear is different and everyone hears differently. Ear ID creates a unique hearing profile for you by evaluating how you hear the world and then calibrating your IQbuds BOOST for a personalized listening experience.

Ear ID is built on technology that has been independently and clinically validated as compared to conventional clinic based audiometry.

IQBuds Boost

Transforming the Power to hear

IQbuds BOOST is the most advanced assistive listening device on the market today.

In addition to all the great features of our awardwinning IQbuds; We’re proud to introduce Ear ID,an App based audiometric hearing assessment that calibrates the IQbuds to your unique hearing profile, using the NAL-NL2 method.

IQbuds BOOST eases speech intelligibility with your unique hearing needs in mind.

Nuheara IQ

Our software platform has a world-class user interface and provides complete control over the powerful algorithms built into IQbuds BOOST.

  • SINC Control - blend and augment
  • Ear ID personalization
  • Step-by-step guide to fitting
  • Custom tap-touch options
  • Additional usage guides and technical support
  • App and firmware updates


Ear ID™

Self-fit, self-assess, auto-calibrate to your hearing profile

Benchmark Battery Performance

5 hours battery life + 15 hours from charging case

ASSISTED LISTENING OPERATION: 32 HOURS 8 hours battery life + 24 hours from charging case 15 minute rapid charge will provide up to 1.5 hours of extra battery life


Ease speech intelligibility by reducing background noise

High Fidelity Audio

Premium balanced armature for superior sound

Hands-free Calling

Make calls and connect with your world with a touch


Customize and control your IQbuds BOOST with the tap of a finger

Customizable Fit

8 sizes and 2 shapes of silicone tips for a perfect fit. Also includes Comply™ foam tips

IQbuds IQbuds Boost
Ear ID™
Custom Tap Touch
Take Calls
Audio Armature Armature
Low Latency TV Streaming*
Talk Time 5Hr 5Hr
On-The-Go-Time 20Hr 20Hr
Hearing Enhancement 32Hr 32Hr
Silicone Tips
Comply® Foam Tips
NFMI Crosstalk
Bluetooth V4.2 V4.2
Charging Case
* requires Bluetooth TV screaming accessory.
For more detailed specifications visit www.nuheara.com/iqbuds-boost/
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